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Hello there monkeys.
My name is Chris. Tumblr is the shit, Horror and Sci Fi movies are the shit. Comics and comic movies are the shit. Rock music is the shit and i will be posting random pictures of all....this shit, and you will like it. lol so enjoy.

that is all.

Awesome film. Just as good as the first 2. 

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    I am exactly where you are. I’m PRETTY sure this is the reanimated dick one because I remember the milk scene too, but...
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    oh wow ahaha Beyond Re-Animator is one of the few movies that I think I’ve seen but can’t be sure, because maybe I just...
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    I dunno the opening credits score was pretty kickass…
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    {Just as good as the first 2…minus Jason Barry, the script, the writing, the rest of the new cast and the collective...
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